Couples Counselling Services

New Rates June 2024
60 Minute Session | $160.00 + 5% GST 
90 Minute Session | $240.00 + 5% GST
120 Minute Session | $320.00 +5% GST
Please note for all sessions a 24 hour cancellation notice applies. For late cancellations/missed appointments the full fee of the session applies.
 If sessional payments are incomplete further treatment could be postponed or indefinitely terminated upon non payment.
Our therapists specialize in helping you in any of these areas

▸  Trauma impact on family
▸  Difficult relationship dynamics
▸  Grief & loss
▸  Boundaries
▸  Toxic relationships
▸  Parent & adult child(ren) dynamics
▸  Blended family adjustments

Couples Counselling Services
Our therapists draw on these therapies during your session

Attachment Theory  
Emotionally Focused Family Therapy
Family Systems Therapy
Neufeld Method (Gordon Neufeld's attachment theory)
T.R.I.P approach for trauma processing

Therapy Session
Partner Therapy

Other Therapy Services

All counselling and therapy sessions are currently only available using online video calls via ZOOM.

Therapy for trauma ptsd

▸ Physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse
▸ Accidents: Vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian
▸ Impact of infidelity
▸ Traumatic losses of significant other, family, colleague, or friend
▸ Dissociative disorders

Individual Therpay ADHD Grief Dating Depression
▸ Family of origin & Attachment based injuries
▸ Eating disorders
▸ Grief & Loss
▸ Depression/Anxiety/Worries
▸ Dating & Relationships  
▸ Faith Based Concerns
Family Relationship Therapy
▸ Difficult relationship dynamics 
▸ Mental Health 
▸ Grief & Loss 
▸ Boundaries 
▸ Toxic Relationships 
▸ Parent & Child Dynamic 
▸ Blended family adjustments 
▸ Divorce / Separation