Professional Training TRIP Advanced Modules


Advanced T.R.I.P Modules

Comments from previous training participants

 “Learning about TRIP has given me concrete tools to improve trauma treatment in order to better address trauma with clients that is stored on both a conscious and a subconscious level. When I had the privilege to experience a TRIP treatment myself I was astonished by the positive effect a short session had on one of my core beliefs. I feel like I now have a big toolbox with trauma tools and this training has been a game changer in my work. Monique brings a wealth of information and knowledge and experience in her trainings"

-Merel S.

“I am so glad I took your T.R.I.P. training. You did such a marvelous job presenting the information to us, answering questions, demonstrating how things work, and helping us to understand how to use T.R.I.P. with our clients. I liked the content and pace of the course. This is probably the best PD for counselling I have taken so far!”
- Lucy M

“Monique is a very skilled teacher. The T.R.I.P model synergizes concepts from other therapy models in a practical way to help practitioners guide clients to navigate regulation and co-regulation of trauma symptoms. I have taken a number of other trainings in this area and I found Monique's training to provide the most practical resources to support my work with clients.”
- Joel P


Core Foundational Training is a Prerequisite

After having obtained all the skills and theories essential to facilitate the Projection, Permission, and Compassion process the therapist can engage in deepening their learning by obtaining additional modules. These modules offer additional skills and specific applications of TRIP.

The following modules will become available online as a self-paced, or hybrid model of accessing the e-learning platform combined with 2-4 days live (online or partially in person) training.

  • Somatic presentations, Parts & Eye Movements (this training will be launched first - keep your eyes peeled to the announcements)
  • Working with Couples
  • Driving related anxiety & Phobias
  • Nervous system regulation exercise

Somatic Symptoms, Parts & Eye Movements

Somatic Symptoms Training

Advanced Module:
Working with Couples
(info soon to be posted)

Advanced Module:
Driving Related Anxiety & Phobias
(info soon to be posted)