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For those of you who are interested in the upcoming Core Foundational Training in Febuary please note that the three day live participation is a requirement for this training due to the complexity of the model and the experiential practice rounds that build on skills taught. There are no recordings of these three days and all three days must be attended.

This course is most suited to therapists with at least 2 years experience. For those that have been trained in one of the following modalities will experience an easier transition into learning TRIP. However it is not essential to first learn these modalities. The Core Foundational training provides the broad spectrum of what is needed to effectively facilitate TRIP's three core processes. Modalities that are helpful to learning this modal are Parts work, emotion focused modalities, somatic approaches, eye-brain oriented approaches, and definitely attachment theory.

Please note that this training includes the interactive practicing of this model in dyads/triads that involve you taking on the role of client, therapist, and observer. This will allow you to fully understand the model from all aspects.

The online platform has preparation documents that explain what these practice rounds involve and how to best be ready for them.
Please know TRIP has a tendency to accelerate access to trauma elements due to working one eye open at a time. It is essential to ensure you will only be working with trauma or distress you have previously had (professional) care for. If you live with the impact of complex trauma, you are highly encouraged to connect with a TRIP trained therapist for the duration of this training. Please ask for referrals.

Once you have completed the online modules and the live training, you will receive a certificate of completion allowing you to practice with your clients after taking the Core Foundational Training. It is strongly encouraged for therapists to attend either individual or group supervision to receive consultation about best practices with this model.

CEU's can currently be offered to California based therapist due to the generous sponsoring of Pasadena Trauma Therapy. You will have to complete the course evaluation form downloadable from Zenler and send it to

We are currently applying for CEU's with other US based (eg NBCC)
For Canadian therapists we are in the process of obtaining CE;s from CCPA & CAMFT, please enquire for updates

Core Foundational Training -9 days ( 7 days training & 2 consultations):  USD $1850,-
We apply a discounted exchange rate for Canadian therapists to ensure fairness and accessibility. Please enquire. Qualifying therapists only (Canadian residence)

Live In Person Trainings vary in price due to cost depending on location, venue and participants.

The course cost is set in the main currency of USD. Please note that due to the often volatile exchange rate fluctuations between the US and Canada, the price between US and Canada markets may differ to reflect cost relevance. 

We are not able to offer payment plans at this time.
Payment is due in full at the time of course registration

Due to the absent of easy international payment options between CAD/US, RelationshipWorx makes use of This does take 10 min to set up and requires ID and can be easier to call for support when setting it up initially. Please ensure to set up a free personal account with Wise. We offer a document that provides steps to set it up, email us to receive this information. transfer:
Monique Hoving-Smeets/RelationshipWorx

Please use Interac E-Transfer to forward payment. If you desire to pay by credit card, please contact us directly.
There is an additional charge of $15.00 for credit card use.

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